Toll manufacturing




Our contract manufacturing solutions give real partnership opportunities in developing products to agrofood industrials and R&D structures.

To develop and manufacture your current and future products, BIOPROX, your partner, places at your disposal :

  • its expertise
  • its ability to innovate
  • its control of various techniques ((fermentation, centrifugation, freeze-drying and formulation)
  • its control of specific analytical techniques (chromatography in liquid and gaseous phase, measurements of the activity of water, dry extract and nitrogen dosing, selection and isolation of microorganisms, etc.).
  • its high-performance technological facilities
  • its production capacity
  • its control of the regulations rules
  • its quality control

The management of your strain from R&D to production


Respecting a shared confidentiality agreement, BIOPROX lets you benefit from its R&D structure to design and develop your future strains and products, its high-performance production equipment and its control tools to analyse the quality of the obtained results.

BIOPROXis committed to the high quality expectations  of the clients and the respect of food safety. Shipping   and reliable delivery, quality and traceability of products dispatched.


A flexible solution for your request