Probiotic cultures


A highly effective range of probiotic cultures


Lactobacillus Bifidobacterium Lactococcus Streptococcus Enterococcus Pediococcus
Lb.iacidophilus Lb.ihelveticus Bf. adolescentis Lc. lactis St. thermophilus En. faecium Pd. acidilactici
Lb. brevis Lb. johnsonii Bf. bifidum
Lb. bulgaricus Lb.iparacasei Bf. breve
Lb. casei Lb. plantarum Bf. infantis
Lb. crispatus Lb. reuteri Bf. lactis
Lb. fermentum Lb.irhamnosus Bf. longum
Lb. gasseri Lb. salivarius


Main benefits for probiotics

Avantages probiotiques

  • Improvement of the intestinal balance (microbiota)
  • Enhancement of immune response (allergies…)
  • Vaginal flora and UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) protection
  • Others: gut-brain axis, obesity and metabolic syndrome, etc


Customized solutions for your specific needs

  • Single cultures in bulk for every health applications.
  • Multi-strains blends with percentage and total concentration of your choice.
  • Other formulations containing active ingredients such as prebiotics, vitamins, herbal extracts, in order to support your health claims.produits
  • Full packaging service and private label if requested.