Lactic starter cultures for the dairy and agrofood industry

BIOPROX shows its recognized know-how and expertise by producing and marketing lactic cultures, bioprotection cultures and manufactured cultures for the agrofood industry.

BIOPROX offers a wide range of starter cultures for the following segments:

Yogurts: Lactic starter cultures for set yogurts, stirred yogurts, drinking yogurts and bioprotection yogurts.
Fermented milk: Acidifying and aromatizing mesophilic cultures, blends of mesophilic starter cultures and thermophilic starter cultures that texturize, as well as specific mixes.

Starter cultures for continental cheese, hardcheese, blue cheese, pasta filata, soft cheese, cottage cheese and white cheese (feta).

Lactic starter cultures, starter media, lactic acid permeate.

Malolactic cultures for vinification, starter cultures for breadmaking.

Probiotic cultures for health

Probiotic cultures for food supplements and functional foods.

Strong growth and the development of new cultures are mainly the outcome of close collaboration between BIOPROX and its customers, who come from all over the world. Ongoing dialogue enables its R&D staff to work in full synergy with the market’s needs.

Above and beyond the major diversity of cultures, its technicians and staff, who are located in numerous countries around the world, are continually out in the field and collaborate closely with customers for the purpose of implementing its cultures.