Consumers are showing growing interest in their health, prevention and natural products combined with progress made in nutritional research, all of which is fostering the development and production of microorganisms thought to have beneficial effects when it comes to helping people stay in good health. (Living microorganisms which, when administered in appropriate quantities, produce a health benefit for the host – this is the definition laid down by the FAO and the WHO). Among microorganisms, the lactic bacteria family, which includes lactobacilli, are particularly well-known.

As a renowned expert in the production of lactic ferments for the dairy and agro-food industry, BIOPROX produce species of bacteria such as Lb casei, Lb rhamnosus, Lb acidophilus, Lb plantarum, St thermophilus, Lclactis, Bflongum, Bflactis, Bfbreve, etc., whose main characteristics are as follows:

  • They offer health benefits
  • They are completely harmless to consumers
  • They are alive and active
  • They need to be administered in appropriate quantities

BIOPROX offer a wide range of strains in various forms, pure cultures, complex mixtures and finished products (capsules, sachets, sticks, tablets, etc.) designed to be used to manufacture food supplements and functional foods.
Probiotics are employed both by the agro-food industry and by pharmaceutical laboratories, and there are also many uses for them in the field of nutrition and health, especially:

  • Stimulation of the natural defences
  • Intestinal and digestive problems

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