With the explosion in the consumption of yogurt worldwide, the industrial manufacturing of yogurt is based on key requirements:

  • Very fast acidification
  • No post-acidification
  • Specific textures
  • Characteristic tastes
  • The capacity to inhibit undesirable flora in the food
  • Suitability for industrial production
  • Resistance against phagic attacks
  • Its harmlessness

BIOPROX’s know-how and its presence at international level enable it to offer a full range of lactic starter cultures adapted to each continent and to specific dietary habits.

Its non-restrictive expertise is adapted to the diversified market that the yogurt industry has now become.

Due to the diversification of products, and the development of new rules and public health standards, biopreservation constitutes an alternative, innovative method.

Within this context, BIOPROX offers a high-performance range of bioprotection cultures.
This new type of lactic starter culture is making major inroads in countries where yogurt-related legislation enables different strains of Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus lactic bacteria to be added and where continuity of the refrigeration chain is difficult to maintain.

This bioprotection culture, which is seeded as a supplement to yogurt starter cultures, enables substantial inhibiting of the development of contaminants, with this applying even if the refrigeration chain is partially broken.