Production units

Map France BThe BIOPROX production unit is located in the Maine-et-Loire district at Noyant, a borough in-between Tours, Angers and Le Mans. In response to the growing demand for milk starter cultures for the dairy industry, Bioprox has made a large number of investment outlays over the last few years in order to increase the production capacity and technical sophistication of the processes. Bioprox is a recognized actor in manufacturing production, and particularly in the production of micro-organisms on a sub-contracted basis.

The Customers Department

The performance provided by our mastery of the supply chain guarantees customer satisfaction and leads to a higher Customer loyalty rate, as well as contributing to ongoing sales activity.

The Quality of the Products and Compliance with Regulations

The quality of our products is based on the fact that we comply with the recommendations of the strictest quality standards relating to food safety, health, and the quality of the strains selected. We provide reliable shipments and deadlines, and monitoring and traceability of the strains and starter cultures shipped.

BIOPROX is certified ISO Quality Insurance 9001:2008, Kasher, Halal and is registered with the U.S. Food an Drug Administration.


Unités-de-production Thanks to mastery of our supply chain, the production costs of our products are competitive. The competitiveness of our production units guarantees our industrial performance.


The Group’s industrial culture is well developed and goes hand in hand with a dynamic approach to innovation. The selection and development of lactic bacteria and new starter cultures produced at the Noyant production site forms part of a long-term approach to developing Bioprox’s investments and follows on from the Group’s current lines of business in this sector.